The largest interior design and home renovation platform in the world, Interior Space, links, merchants, homeowners, and interior designers. We offer practical and individualized home interior designs to customers. Full house interiors, modular kitchens, wardrobes and storage, living rooms, remodeling, and other needs are all covered by the end-to-end services offered by our interior designers. The size of our design community is unparalleled in India. The one-stop shop for everything related to home interiors is Interior Space, where you can browse through hundreds of interior ideas, obtain free quotes, and speak with our designers.

Modular kitchen

When it comes to creating the most iconic home interior designs, Interior Space is a market leader and a pioneer in the field of kitchen interior design. Our catalogs are stuffed with modern kitchen designs in every style that draw on local and international influences. They come together to form an eye-catching overall design and are stuffed with a variety of special kitchen features and accessories, including built-in appliance units, extended breakfast counters, pantry units, tambour units, overhead storage modules, kitchen cabinets, tiles, and countertops. All of these elements give the room a more interesting appearance. Our modular kitchens are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including L-shaped, U-shaped, Straight, island, and open kitchen layouts.


Modern wardrobe designs are available in many shapes, sizes, finishes, and configurations within. We provide a wide selection of distinctive, inspiring, and alluring models that have been carefully created to significantly enhance your bedroom. And nothing exudes luxury like some of our upscale models, which are lavish from floor to ceiling. In addition to having a flawless exterior, our wardrobe units have a tonne of open and closed storage space. And if you don’t care about space, why not outfit your bedroom with our opulent selection of wardrobes with dressing tables. You can even choose one of our ultra-chic “push-to-open” handleless drawer units, which are fun to use and enhance the ultra-chic appearance of your room.

False Ceiling Designs:

  • Single-layered: As suggested by the name, this type of false ceiling comes in a single layer that is laid evenly beneath the actual ceiling. It is foolproof, and minimalistic in appeal. You can choose to leave it white or add colors, textures, or patterns to this type of false ceiling design. Ideal for smaller spaces where decore is kept minimal, such ceiling designs help add an interesting element to the room aesthetics.
  • Double layered: A double-layered false ceiling helps break the monotony in the roofing surface, therefore, adding an element of drama to the room aesthetics. This type of design is extremely versatile and can be incorporated almost anywhere. They further allow ample opportunity to experiment with color, texture, patterns, and lighting.
  • Plus-Minus: Heavily on the ornamental side, the plus-minus false ceiling design requires the assistance of experts. A viable design and space available needs to be taken into consideration before the installation of the false ceiling. As suggested by the name, this type of ceilings sports multi-dimensional elements, where a semblance of protruding and tucked-in features are maintained.
  • Coffered: Coffers scream drama. They come in square or boxy panels that are subsequently fixed to the ceiling. With proper lighting, especially back-lit ceiling panels, this type of ceiling design can add an extremely attractive vibe to the room. They help in creating an illusion of higher head-space while adding a multi-dimensional aesthetic to the area concerned.

 Living Room

Some of the most inventive, inspiring, and aesthetically gorgeous house decor may be found in interior space. This implies that we possess some of the most breathtakingly beautiful living room décor and living room decor items available. Most people want to make their homes a reflection of their individual style tastes, persona, and accomplishments. And here is the ideal location for you to achieve that. Discover our lovely entertainment and display units, which are sure to captivate you while you spend quality time with your loved ones. And combine them with equally stunning carpets, furniture, ceiling lighting, and indoor plants, all of which are offered at your one-stop dream home destination.

Pooja room

Pooja room is one of the most important aspects of any Indian household. While renting or buying a new space, a Pooja room’s placement and existence are of great value. However, we may have several unanswered queries in our minds related to Pooja rooms such as what a Pooja room should exactly look like? What are the key things that we can customize in our Pooja room, etc.? So here is a quick guide with everything that you need to know about Pooja rooms to help you build an ideal one in your space.


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